Oh hey 2019, We can't believe its February already!
Just wanted to give you a little update on what we've been up to as we've got a bunch of new things in store for the new year. Last year was definitely CRAZY, we had so many lows (small business owners- ya feel us?) and also so much highs that it truly felt like a roller coaster ride. So many lessons learned but also so many milestones achieved. Some of the big ones:
We are now in 60+ boutiques across the US and Canada (Woah!)
We expanded our collection to pants and jackets and more
AND we added a couple of people to our old team of 1.5 people! 
At this point we're thankful everyday that we're still here, and that we have you guys cheering us on and supporting us. Please know that we deeply value you and we are grateful for every single purchase, DM, shoutout, and kind words at our pop-ups. You literally keep us going!
Anyway, before I get too emotional out here lets me give you a little update on what we're up to here at Back Beat for 2019!
1. Sizing! We recently sent out a survey asking you what we could improve on and this was one of the main points raised. We hear you and we definitely feel you. So this year we will be extending sizes on several styles (Hint Hint: Jumpsuits) as well as working on making items true to size and also having better size guide. We are also going to start photographing ladies in diff sizes so that more bodies are represented. 
2. Natural Dye! We've got a special capsule collection comin' up for summer that uses Natural Dye and we are so SOOOO excited to share them with you all! We are also working with a super special factory in India on this project who developed new fabric for us and we can't wait to share their story with you.
3. Intimates- THIS WEEK we're launching our Organic Cotton Bra/Crop. Why Bra/Crop? Because you can use it two ways and its the most comfortable, versatile thing. This is something we've been working on for a while and we're pretty pumped that its finally launching.
4. More pop-ups, community events AND we're opening up our studio for you to shop at! We love putting faces to names (we pack all your orders in house) and hearing your comments and feedback on our pieces is invaluable. We also have several community give back events planned for the year so watch out for that!
5. Unisex styles are coming this FALL. Stay tuned. 
6. New look who this? We're planning on a little brand refresh that's going to be unveiled soon. We've come a long way since our vintage days so it's time for a little upgrade.
 That's pretty much it for now! 2019 is going to be busy. And as always, if you want to send us a love note, ask a question, or whatever! Just email heythere@backbeatrags.com or DM us on insta.
Hope you all have a good week!