Here at BackBeatRags we are fully committed to giving you better choices when it comes to clothing. We not only use lower impact fabrics, but also make sure we produce everything (including hangtags and labels) 100% locally so that our clothing has a smaller environmental footprint. By doing this, we get to know the hands that touch our clothing and make sure that they are treated fairly and work in decent conditions (plus be able to hang out and crack jokes with them on the reg).

So for this year's Earth Day + Fashion Revolution Week's Campaign of #whomadeyourclothes we wanted give you a little peek into our process and shine the spotlight on the workers that have a huge hand in keeping the brand running. Its always honor to be able to work alongside these men and women so this is our little way of showing our deepest appreciation for them.

This is Daniel- he is our main dye guy. He shakes his head in amusement at us whenever we're on the 5th sample of a color because we have to get it EXACTLY right.

Music is always playing at all the factories

Garments being washed

Dye house guys hard at work

Our founder Isadora discussing color percentages with Hugo, the owner of the dye house. Hugo has a cool story- he used to be a dye worker at a denim washing factory until one day he decided that he would open up his own dye house. It took him two tries to get it up and running successfully. Its so inspiring that he never gave up on his dreams after failing the first time. 

The factory under the freeway

Empty sewing room means break time

Organic sweatshirts and hemp tees all ready to go. we don't encase our tees individually in plastic to eliminate unnecessary waste. 

Men at work

Mercedes (top) and Dalia (bottom) are the ladies that make sure everything is trimmed, counted, steamed, and folded. They are ALWAYS smiling and super happy to see us. They save us from going crazy when we have hundreds of shirts to count and sort.

The sewing factory scarecrow.

All photos shot on film by: Dustin Tan

Video by: Aya Garcia