Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where you're from, where you currently are, what you do.....


I'm a hispanic born and raised in San Diego, California.  Moved to new York to study in NYU and after school I graduated and worked at Milk studios and after that I got job at Nylon magazine as a beauty editor. After the magazine folded I started molding my own path and worked freelance doing some modeling and painting. I enrolled in nutrition school because I have always been passionate about food and wellness, with a focus on nourishment thru food. Once I got my certification I started getting clients and that has started my now current state of having a multifaceted, multi pronged existence. 

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2. How did you get into being a nutritionist?


I've always loved eating and researching about healthy food and taking care of myself. So that has always been in my mind and how I live, and one day my friend suggested that I should get a nutrition certification. Growing up Mexican American in Southern California we just always had beautiful fruit growing around us.  I grew up eating wonderful produce, drinking juices things of that natures so I was always drawn to feeding myself with whole foods and wanted to share that with the world.

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3. You always say really positive things or real life truths on your instagram, which we love. How did this come about? Was it a reaction to something?


I talk about attitude and mood and owning who you are! Its because I have always been a very sensitive person and a very emotional person, I feel like i've had to arm myself and deal with things in life and i've learned to do it through positivity and wanted to share it with the world, especially when you’re a public person on the internet and you're trying to protect yourself from succumbing to people’s negativity.

4. 5 fun Bianca facts!

  • My 4 front teeth are fake. I have veneers!
  • Im 5’3 even if the whole world  thinks im 5’9
  • I hate mushrooms
  • My fave color is yellow
  • Ive met the Jonas brothers. That’s a fun fact!

5. top 3 fall veggies you love and why? 

Root veggies are my top veggies
White potatoes, Sweet potatoes, Purple potatoes, All the potatoes!
Potatoes get a bad rap because they are “fattening” but that’s not true they are just complex carbohydrates and if you don’t move your butt and you eat chips of course that’s not going to have a good effect on you!
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6. Favorite Back beat pieces?

Plant dyed corduroy jumpsuit and the corduroy matching Jacket and pants. I'm also a big fan of the reversible organic cotton crop bra because its such a versatile, empowering piece, you can wear it as a top or a bra!


 I also just love back beat because you guys are trailblazing in the sustainable clothing space.



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