Vintage will always be our first love here at BackBeatRags, we started as a vintage shop specializing in tees after all, so for fall we wanted a more vintage focused shoot for our lookbook. We finally got our chance when stars aligned and we got to catch musician, and LA local, Pearl Charles right after she finished her summer tour (so fresh off the tour that she literally just got back the night before our shoot).

We’ve been following Pearl’s Instagram for awhile now, we’re huge fans of her vintage cool girl looks and of course her music- songs that makes us want to go on a road trip through the desert or cruise along the PCH on a glittery, sunny day. It’s west coast dreamy, but has a certain DGAF attitude brought on by Pearl’s chill girl way singing. She's the ultimate LA babe and we are so stoked we got to shoot and hang out. See them all below and read a little bit more on what she's been up to and future plans.


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 Can you introduce yourself please? Tell us a bit more about who you are, where you’re from, and what you do? 

I'm Pearl Charles, musician (and sometimes model), born and raised right here in Hollywood

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How would you describe your music, your sound? 

I feel like the way I describe my music might be similar to the way you guys would describe your line: inspired by vintage classics, but timelessly updated for the present!!

How would you describe your look? what inspired you to dress this way?  

I'd like to think my stage look is representative of my style off-stage, lots of vintage pieces from the '60s and '70s, but definitely taking it a step beyond what I would wear on the street with more "show-stopping" garments - think one-pieces like denim jumpsuits and velvet bodysuits or matching separate two-pieces, fabrics with psychedelic patterns, materials like velvet or sequins and dramatic construction like bell sleeves or flares. Though I perform under my own name, on-stage I sort of slip into an alter-ego, which is something I believe happens to a lot of musicians, so I impose less rules on myself about what I can and cannot wear.

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What were you up to this summer, and what are your plans for the rest of the year?  

My bandmates and I hit the ground running this Summer, recording 6 new tracks, 4 originals which will be going on my new record, as well as 2 covers. We played a bunch of local festivals ramping up for our tour opening for Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes on our way to Austin City Limits Festival!

We're finishing out the year playing a bunch of holiday parties for Volcom at their various flagship stores across the US and continuing to record songs for our new album which will hopefully be out sometime next year!

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Model: Musician Pearl Charles (learn more about her HERE)

Photographer: Keith Oshiro

HMUA: Dianna Esteves Vieira

Location: Chinatown, Los Angeles