We've been teasing you about this for months, and now...

---- THEY ARE HERE ----

Introducing our PLANT DYED Linen + Organic Cotton Collection you'll be wearing all summer long. It's been our dream to be able to offer a range of Plant Dyed Styles and here's the first of many to come!  Another cool, notable thing: We're also using a special Linen + Organic Cotton Blend for this collection- we love linen, but sometimes it gets too wrinkly and stiff.  So we asked our factory to add a lil' bit of Organic Cotton to the mix to bring softness and keep those creases at bay.
Wear it to the beach or the city.  You know we're all about giving you pieces you can wear basically anywhere.

Keep reading to find out why we chose to work with India, the factory, and our dyes.

Why India? 

We know we pride ourselves as being a made in Los Angeles company, but our search to make plant dyed clothing in LA just took us in circles.  LA dye houses aren't currently set up to make plant dyed garments.  When we tested natural dyes with our local partners, we weren't really getting the results we wanted. In the end, we decided to take it to India.  The tradition has been in place for hundreds of years, and they have the proper facilities and dye masters to make the plant dyed clothing of our dreams.
While we are still a predominantly LA made company- we also want to support other communities around the world. 

- About The Factory -

When we decided to manufacture outside of the US, we wanted to do it right.
We are working with a small, family owned factory based in New Delhi India.  They primarily employ women who live near the factory (they go home for lunch breaks!), and are firm believers in empowering women through providing work in a male dominated society. Their employees receive proper wages, health and insurance benefits, and the factory goes through government audits to operate ethically and fairly. 

- About The Dyes -

India is the mecca for natural dyes, so we decided to go back to the source.  We are working with a Delhi GOTS certified factory that specializes in using plant dyes.
We created our first collection in 4 colors from the following ingredients:

- Natural -

sea salt and iron earth

- Melon -

burnt ash, madder, sea salt and iron earth

- Stone - 

iron earth, alum, and pomegranate 

- Vintage Black - 

harda, iron, dhavdi, and tamarind