Let's keep Plastic Free July rolling!

This week, we are sharing how we dodge plastic in situations that make it hard to avoid.  We broke down some of our favorite tricks for the grocery store, home and avoiding plastic with food.

Let's start with...

- Bring your own bags for everything! Reusable bags can be used for produce and the rest of your groceries. If they get dirty, just throw them in the wash!

- Don’t buy anything in a plastic container. You can be more picky with produce and you don’t have to take home unnecessary plastic.

- Try the farmers market instead of commercial grocery stores. They tend to be more conscious of waste, and what's not to love about supporting local farmers and artisans?

- If you must buy something in packaging, go for recyceable materials such as glass, paper or aluminum.


- Use cloth towels instead of paper.  Paper towels create waste, kill trees, and come wrapped in plastic.  They can be used to rags in the kitchen, or napkins. Plus, they make your place way snazzier.

- Baking soda and vinegar are excellent cleaners. Not only are they better for you and your homies, they often come in recyclable packaging, are more economical, and your place doesn’t smell like gross chemicals.

- Buy bar soap, not liquid. You can avoid packaging (especially when you buy local) and when it's gone, nothing is left but a little suds. 

- Store your bulk goods in glass jars. It looks better, it’s easier to see what you have, and easy to clean.

- Change up your shower and getting ready routine.  Try using a reusable razor, bamboo toothbrush, bar body soap and shampoo, refillable floss, and homemade beauty treatments.  We love experimenting with masks, face oils, body scrubs... the list goes on. Rosehip Seed Oil is a favorite around here!

- Avoid convenience foods. They are a packaging nightmare.

 - If you order in, tell them, “just the food.” Leave out single-use cups, plates, deli clam shells, utensils, etc.

- Stop using plastic wrap. Use alternatives like aluminum foil (which is 100% recyclable), reusable beeswax wrap, cotton elastic bowl covers, cotton sandwich wraps, metal containers... There are so many other options! Plus, you save money because they are reusable.

- Keep reusable utensils and plates with you at your workplace, your car, your bag... you never know when you’ll need them!.

- Ditch the gum. It isn't technically food, but you are just chomping on plastic... that little thing is going to be around waaaay longer than any of us.

We would love to hear about how YOU avoid plastic in these situations.  Leave your tips and tricks in the comments below.  You can never know it all, and every little bit helps!