Here are a few reasons why our environmentally conscious hearts love this fabric.

 Tencel is made mostly from pure eucalyptus cellulose. 
    When a eucalyptus tree is cut down, 100% of it is used and the regrowth process only takes 8 years.
      It is created in a closed-loop process that decomposes or recovers all solvents and emissions.
        No old growth forests, genetic manipulation, irrigation, or pesticides are used.

        Now, for the part you can feel.

         It absorbs up to 50% more moisture than cotton, then releases it away from the body ~ goodbye sweat stains ~
          It's soft, light weight, strong when wet or dry, resistant to wrinkles and drapes well.
            It's basically the most comfortable thing you are ever going to wear.  You have to feel it to believe it, and TRUST US when we say you're never going to take it off. 

            So what are you waiting for?  Do something nice for yourself.  Mother Nature will thank you.

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