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Moving Forward: 2023 Founder's Note

In the past two-plus years, we've grown exponentially from a small brand that I was working on practically on my own, to something bigger than I expected within a short amount of time. We can't thank you guys enough for that! It's been a very fun, exciting, and rewarding period, while also being extremely difficult to navigate as a small business. 

2022 started off full of excitement and hope, but world events, inflation, and the effects of 2+ years of Covid have all caught up with us, and just like everybody else we've been affected. 

In the fashion world we have to design, create samples, project inventory buys and make products at least 6 months ahead of time, which is something akin to taking a shot in the dark and hoping for the best when the time comes to launch. This year, when we were suddenly faced with a tumultuous market, rising marketing costs, social media algorithm changes, and costs of goods/shipping/labor skyrocketing (whew!) we missed the mark. Having already bought into products way in advance, we could not pivot as fast as we'd have liked and were left with more inventory than we needed. If you've noticed many sales for months from your favorite brands, this is the main reason why. Within our community of small businesses, the biggest consensus is that we are all experiencing this painful market contraction and are trying our very best to survive.

So what does this mean for BBCO?

To start, we've extended our 30% OFF Sitewide sale for the rest of the month as we continue to lighten our inventory and retire a lot of these styles forever. We'll continue to carry our core styles, as they have been the heart of our business and we believe in having a (fun) uniform, that you can wear over and over again. When it comes to making new styles we're recommitting to intentionality over quantity. We're going to focus on special, small-batch production utilizing our staple low-impact and deadstock fabrics. 

If there's anything that we've learned in the past couple of years, it's that a fast pace isn't always good and as a brand whose ethos is "livin' easy", we gotta start living that life for real. We hope you stick around for what's next for us and in the meantime enjoy the

30% OFF Sitewide Sale (code: goodbye2022). We appreciate you helping us make room for new things to come. Here's to the new year and fresh starts!

Onwards and forward,