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This fabric is made out of post industrial cotton scraps, excess material usually found on factory floors that end up in a landfill. The salvaged cotton scraps are grouped together by color, shredded and broked down into their fibers which are then spun into yarns. 
Cotton is an extremely resource - intense crop in terms of water and land use. By using recycled cotton, we are significantly saving natural resources and reducing pollution from agriculture. 
Organic Cotton is grown using methods with low environmental impact. The seeds are non-GMO, and the crop is farmed without the use of toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers - making it safer for farmers, workers, and entire wildlife ecosystems. 
Our Organic Cotton is also GOTS CERTIFIED, meaning it has met requirements that ensure the organic status from harvest through environmentally + socially responsible manufacturing. 
Hemp is a wonder crop. Coming from the cannabis sativa plant it is one of the strongest natural fibers. 
4x more durable than cotton, hemp has anti-bacterial properties, and gets softer with wash and wear. Plus, it is insulative, keeping you fresh and cool when it's hot, warm and cozy when it's cold. 
Requiring no pesticides, hemp does not deplete the soil of needed nutrients, uses less water and land than cotton, all while producing way more fiber.
Is made of cellulose converted from the wood pulp of sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees. No GMO, no new forests harmed, no irrigation, and no pesticides used. 
It is produced in a closed-loop system, meaning almost all the solvents used are recycled.